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Newt nipped by zoo penguin, gets Band-Aid – Yahoo! News.

Newt Gingrich gets bit by a penguin, receives Band-Aid for the injury.  Swell.  Who cares!?  You have to wonder what the guy writing this article thinks about his life?  He likely went to journalism school for a few years, or one….I don’t know.  I’m assuming he didn’t finish if he’s writing stuff like this.

PIC: See Rihanna’s New Cross Tattoo – Yahoo! Music.

In a new segment we’re going to try out called Slow News Day, I give you our first contestant.  Who gets paid to write articles like this?  Who  the frakk cares?  Why is it one of the top stories on Yahoo’s front page?  My I.Q. dropped just reading the title.  Someone please make it stop!

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