WickedLasers reveals “lightsaber-ish” laser powerful enough to blind/burn  (Courtesy Dailytech.com)

Wickedlasers unveiled a new device that pumps out a 1 watt laser beam.  While “1” is generally not a very impressive number, it’s more than enough power to blind you instantly and very quickly cause flesh to burst into flames.  This cute little device retails at a mere $200 and requires you to sign a “Class IV Laser Hazard Acknowledgment Form.”

I’d like to start out by saying this is pretty damn cool.  It’s a real life laser beam.  Star Trek geek, Star Wars geek, whatever…we’ve all wanted one of these since we were kids.  Geekasm aside, I’m afraid the current state of the people of this planet is just too stupid to wield one of these things like it’s some fantastic new novelty or movie prop.  How long before some jackass decides to just shine this out of their bedroom window at a crowd full of people.  How annoying is that idiot in the movie theater with the laser pointer circling some guys crotch?  Now imagine that same moron has one of these.  Whoops, set the screen on fire……or your actual crotch.  And I’m sure, just like that annoying laser pointer moron, you won’t be able to tell where that damn flesh burning dot is really coming from.  This just seems like a bad, bad, bad, bad idea.

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