Advocacy Group Calls for Ronald McDonald’s Retirement (Courtesy

Don’t we have more important things to worry about right now?  Really, this kind of stuff just makes me grit my teeth and pull my hair out.  Do people really think that if they removed Ronald McDonald from the commercials that kids would suddenly stop going to McDonalds?  It’s not the mascot’s fault that kids are overweight.  It’s the fault of those delicious….savory french fries.  Well, that and the parents that decide to shovel fast food to their kids every night instead of giving them a proper dinner.  It’s not like kids are going through the drive-thru and buying this stuff themselves.  Once again, blame is being passed to something else when people need to step back and look inward.  Stop feeding your kids crap all the time and they won’t be fat!!  Don’t blame McDonalds for having an eye catching mascot or tasty food….blame yourself for not having the willpower to resist or for simply being too lazy to cook.  Pretty simple really.

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