Church Starts Worship Services for Dogs  (Courtesy

A Massachusetts church is going to start providing a monthly worship service for dogs.  The “Prefect Paws Pet Ministry” is designed to give dogs and their owners better chances at getting into heaven.  Uh…I think God may be getting a little nitpicky if dogs are now being judged by how well mannered they are.  What the hell happened to All Dogs Go To Heaven.  Disney lied to me!!!!  So what does this mean for other animals of the wild kingdom?  Are cats allowed in, or are they automatically going to hell because of how snobbish they always seem?  Cats and dogs seem to sleep alot….isn’t that sloth?  What about wild animals?  Wolves, Hyenas, Birds, Octopuses, Lizards!  Do we need to start sending missionaries out to Africa to bring the word of God to the many Lion prides across the Serengeti?  Wait….that might not be a bad idea.  Send the ones that keep coming to my door and bothering my while I’m playing God of War III.  In summation, this is stupid.

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