Man Microwaves iPad, Sells on eBay  (Courtesy

In another case of why eBay is filled with complete wackjobs, we have this guy.  Buys an iPad, syncs it up to the 3G network, for some reason copies all his data to his desktop, then nukes it.  Actually put it in the microwave for 18 minutes until it’s a charred pile of plastic and fire.  Normally I’d be ecstatic to see something on fire, and normally I love seeing Apple stuff destroyed.  But this is just stupid.  What makes it worse is that he put it on eBay.  What makes it even WORSE is that some asshat is going to buy it!!  Everyone involved in this waste of my time needs a series slap in the face and probably a kick in the nuts.  Starting with Steve Jobs.

Apparently this is “Art,” and not the first time this guy has done this.  He has a long string of YouTube videos of him microwaving other things, including iPhones.  It must be nice to have money to waste and time to sit around and microwave random things as “art.”  It’s like sitting around bitching about stupid people all day.  wait….

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