Gilligan’s stupidity first blossomed when he bought the motor for his boat that was only a 20-litre fuel tank and a 20 horse power engine.  Far less capacity and power than what is necessary for sea use.  Instead of a nautical map, Gilligan thought it was good enough to use a common road map.  He, actually, didn’t even know what navigational charts were.  I guess that didn’t matter since he had no navigational equipment anyways.  He did have a VHF radio…..although he had no idea how to use it.  Lastly, he had zero provisions on board.  How can you not at least have beer on a boat??  Brilliant.

The Coast Guard advised him of all his stupidity and suggested taking a train to his destination in the future.  However, Gilligan decided to just fuel up and head out again.  He did manage to ask if he should go left or right to head for his destination.  It’s unknown weather Gilligan made it to his final destination though I suspect the Coast Guard simply beat him with a rubber hose and then sunk his boat.

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