• The parents had both seen the door to the baby’s room closed and assumed the other had already put her to bed.  She was a light sleeper so they were not accustomed to checking on her with every little noise.

Well, that’s just swell. Believe it or not, this is probably the most understandable statement they make.  We’ve all left something undone or unchecked thinking someone else had taken care of it already.  But, you’d think that something as important as…oh I don’t know, a fucking baby, would at least merit double checking!?  And while they may not have been accustomed to checking on her every time she woke up, wouldn’t the lack of noise signal something warranting a peek into her room?!

  •  The parents finally went to bed at 3AM Saturday night and slept until noon on Sunday, not yet checking on the baby.

WTF!?  I don’t care how well behaved your baby is or how well they sleep through the night, how can you not check on them once in over 9 hours!?  Why the hell not?  How do you not check on the baby first thing in the morning?  Don’t you think it’s odd you’ve been able to sleep so late!?

  •  The father then drove the same car to the gym, complete with baby still in the car.  The wife called at some point during his workout about the baby missing at which point she was discovered in the car already dead.

This just gets more mind numbing as it goes on.  The baby was still in the car.  How oblivious do you have to be?  Assuming you don’t even bother to check the back seat for whatever reason, do you ever check your rear view mirror!?  Odds are you’d see the baby there!  I just can’t fathom not catching at least a glimpse of the baby at some point during his drive to the gym, entering and exiting the car.

I can sympathize with anyone that loses a child, especially to something so preventable.  But I lose that sympathy when it’s due to obvious stupidity.  I can, to an extent, understand both seeing the baby’s door closed and with an extreme amount of stretching to my limits I can maybe believe that the baby was in every possible blind spot in the car that he didn’t see her on the drive in.  But I don’t care how tired, stressed, or distracted you are, there is no excuse for not checking on a child….a 7-Month-Old child….at some point before you go to bed, during the night, and first thing in the morning!!  That’s, at the very least, stupid….and at it’s worst, irresponsible and neglectful.

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