Korean Man Marries Pillow  (Courtesy www.metro.co.uk)

OK, WTF!  How did I miss this!?   A Korean man, Lee Jin-gyu (28), was wed to his beloved pillow or “Dakimakura” last month complete with wedding dress and in front of an actual priest.  A Dakimakura is a large body-sized pillow that usually has an image of various anime characters printed on them.  This one had Fate Testarossa from the “Magical Girl” series.  Apparently this is legal….though I have no idea how…or why.  Lee loves to take his “wife” to the fair to go on the rides and out to eat where she gets her very own meal.  “………”  They are expecting twin throw pillows in the fall.  Maybe one of them can hook up with Michael Jackson’s kid….Blanket.

Anyways, one good thing has come from this article: the word “Otaku.”  A Japanese term that “roughly translates to somewhere between “obsessive” and “nerd.”

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