Normally I’d say this Dad rocked, but then he had to actually stand out on the balcony and “check in on occasion” to make sure the deed was getting done.  He actually wanted to see a used condom as proof.  Ew.  When the man and son returned his Mom questioned him as to where his Dad took him.  He didn’t answer and simply started crying, eventually telling his mother.  The man is being charged with the rape of his son.

Now most guys I know would totally have been on board with Dad getting a hooker for him, though none would have been too keen on the “watching” part.  In any case, this kid wasn’t too excited about the whole deal….what with the crying and all.  It’s possible the hooker was “really” ugly, or the kid was just genuinely creeped out by the whole ordeal. Whatever the reason, I think there’s a good chance that if he wasn’t already gay, he probably is now.

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