I fully understand the sentiment that some people have, that parents should be teaching their kids about sex…not schools.  Respectfully, I think that’s a moot point for two reasons for this specific issue: 1) Parents can opt their children out of this class if they want to.  They can then teach them at home to their hearts content.  2). That’s a great sentiment, but I think we’ve all seen how so many people simply shouldn’t be parents or aren’t paying enough attention to their kids (either through fault of their own or not).  So the school providing an alternate way to educate kids is simply logical.  Should the parents sack up and make the time?  Damn right.  Does that mean they are actually going to?  I think we all know the answer to that question.

Let’s face it, kids these days are bombarded with sexually charged material from all angles these days.  The internet, TV, Radio, friends, video games, magazines, books…..everything.  Is that a good thing?  Is that the real root of the problem?  Maybe.  But that’s a moot point as well.  That’s not changing anytime soon.  In the meantime, we need to deal with the problem as best we can.  Who would you rather your kids learn about sex, abstinence, consequences, and contraceptives from?  A teacher….or one of the countless entertainment sources that surround them daily?  If the parents aren’t going to do it, don’t hinder the next best person’s ability to do so.  If you, as a parent, can do it yourself….kudos!  Not all can….or want to.  Let’s not throw the kids the the wolves just because some parents are unwilling or unable to lead them.

Thankfully,  according to Janine Geske, a Marquette University law professoer and former state Supreme Court Justice, such charges would likely be dismissed if an attempt to prosecute was brought to court.   “To be frank, I can’t follow exactly what he’s trying to get at,” remarked Geske. “If a teacher is educating a student pursuant to state law … I don’t see how under any examination (that) could be criminal.”

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