Robber Asks Victim “Don’t Tell My Mom”  (Courtesy

A bumbling would-be robber tried to hold up a convenience store early Saturday in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He tried to sneak behind the clerk and hold a knife to his throat, only to be foiled when the clerk spun around and knocked the knife out of his hands.  A quick bitch-slap and the teen when down without a fight.  As he fled out the door he asked that the clerk not call police and “Don’t tell his Mom.”  Nice.  Apparently he hasn’t been caught yet, but I suspect that’s the least of his problems.  Seriously, if you’re going to try your hand at criminal activity you should be less of a Momma’s Boy and at least try to butch up a little.  Certainly don’t plead with people to not tell your mom.  If he ever does go to jail he might as well just carry lipstick and cut a hole in the butt of his pants because he’s going to quickly be someone’s little love muffin in there.

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