Man Changes Name to God  (Courtesy

I guess someone really needs attention.  This “God,” formerly John Paul LaPointe, is no saint.  Among other things, he’s spent time in a Japanese prison for trying to smuggle marijuana into the country.  A Russian mystic he met while living in a new-age spiritual commune, the first clue that he’s got problems, suggested the name change.  Previously he had changed his last name to Dieux, a play on the French term Dieu meaning God.  So apparently his name is God God, which is even stupider.

Dumb Dumb remarked “I don’t want to make problem with the Quebecers.  I want to be able to vist Montreal and try the maple syrup and not get heckled.”  Maybe you should have thought of that before you decided to change your name to something that is obviously going to get you heckled.  It’s like changing your name to Tinkerbell Fairybottoms and not expecting to get made fun of and jammed in lockers.   You sir, are no god, you’re a moron.  Change your name to that.

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