As stupid as updating your MySpace may be, I can somewhat understand a kid doing this in today’s society.  “Ooooo, look at how cool I am!”  It’s dumb, and that alone would get you busted.  Especially with the FBI now perusing Facebook and other type sites.  I really never understood why anyone would post pictures or brag about crimes they’ve committed online…it’s just opening yourself up to get caught.  But deciding to check out porn sites and trying to sell stuff?  I just don’t understand that.  Isn’t the cardinal rule of burglary to get in, get stuff, and get out as soon as possible?  I don’t know…I’m asking.  It makes sense to me though.  The less time you’re there the less chance someone may have to discover you’re there.  I can’t imagine what would make someone think right then is a good time to check out some hotties and rub one out.  Not only would you possibly “get caught with your pants down”  (get it!!) but you risk leaving… ahem …biological evidence behind.  While selling stuff wouldn’t be nearly as embarrassing, it’s just as stupid.  You haven’t even made it out the door yet….how can you even sell the stuff!?  Let this be a lesson to everyone: leave the wanking for later at home, and for Campbell’s sake….You don’t have to MySpace/Tweet/Facebook every little thing all the time!!

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