Woman Causes Accident While Shaving Bikini Area  (Courtesy NBC-2.com)

What more can really be said.  How about this: Megan Mariah Barnes was on her way to meet her boyfriend and wanted to be properly groomed.  So her Ex-Husband took the wheel while she shaved her area down below.  So many questions.  Why didn’t she just do this at home?  At what point does shaving with a RAZOR…near the genitals…while DRIVING….sound like a good idea???  Why the hell was her Ex-Husband driving with her to her boyfriends?  And most importantly, if they had to put a picture up why couldn’t they at least have lied and used some stock picture of someone who looked good?  Because now I have to go bleach my brain to get that image out.

One thing might explain part of this.  Megan was convicted of DUI and driving without a license the day before.  Yes, the day before.   Maybe it’s just me but perhaps drunk driving laws are bit too lenient.  In any case, there’s no doubt this lady, and her Ex-husband, are complete morons.

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