Of course, there’s going to be someone suggesting that the show is at least partially to blame, and someone does in the article.  That’s stupid.  It’s a documentary, first and foremost.  No different than any other show explaining how a car is built or an airplane is flown.  Watching those documentaries doesn’t make you any more qualified to build a car or pilot an airplane.  Just because I’ve seen Bloodsport 800 times doesn’t mean I can enter the Kumatai and kick some ass.  As with most things, especially potentially deadly things, you need lots and lots of training to know what the hell you are doing.


Second, the show is preempted with your typical “Don’t try this at home” disclaimer.  Even going as far to indicate that Les himself had to research an area and talk to local guides.  He also happens to carry a means to communicate with the film crew, just in case.  Of course, Code didn’t even bring a cell phone.

All this shows is that no matter how careful you are, people are stupid.  They watch one series or see one movie and suddenly think they experts….or at least know enough.  I’m really surprised stuff like this hasn’t happened more often.  I’m sure there’s some guy somewhere thinking he can swing from building to building like Spider-Man, or can fly a plane now that they’ve played through Fighting Aces on the Playstation.  And who doesn’t think they at least know a “little” karate after watching the Karate Kid.  You know you do….we’ve all seen you do the Crane Kick stance.  Let me know how you feel after someone sweeps the leg.

If you’re going to do something stupid that you’ve seen on a TV show then at least try and have the gray matter to make a backup plan.  If that means calling ahead for an ambulance before you try to do a flip on your bike that you saw on X-Games last night or  bringing a frakking cell phone with you when you waltz off into the woods with a banket and a lighter.  Unless of course you’re one of those people that does the backyard extreme wrestling stuff….don’t make any backup plans.  You’re too far gone to save.

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