The Police found his daughter hiding in the closet with bruises on her back and scratches on her neck and shoulders.  All of which were blamed on her “squirming and trying to get away from him.”  I guess it had nothing to do with the fact that he was forcing her face into a bowl of hot water until she promised to recite the alphabet correctly.   During Police interrogation Tabor (seemingly) proudly admitted that she did recite her letters after the torture session ended.  Nice job there, dipshit.

There are so many things wrong here that I’m not really sure where to start.  Fortunately, all the things wrong are pretty much confined to Josh himself.  Though his girlfriend certainly wasn’t much help either considering she did nothing to stop the abuse or report it after the fact.  Running around the neighborhood in his helmet threatening to break out windows is an obvious sign that someone isn’t playing with a full deck.  Of course using a torture method that has drawn much fire recently to discipline a 4 year old takes stupid to a whole new level.  Now I’m not against a little physical abuse, God knows I had my share of spankings or smacks upside the back of my head growing up.  They certainly weren’t very harmful, and rarely worked as a direct deterrent, but it certainly taught me that my actions have consequences.

I’m not really sure what else one can say except this guy is a douche, his girlfriend isn’t much better, and thankfully that girl is out of that house now.

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