Before anyone gets started, this is NOT the same as docking tails or taping ears in dogs.  Most of that stuff originates from an actual need to help the animal in some way. For example, some dogs have had their tails docked because, in a farm/outside environment, they would collect burrs, dirt, feces, get caught on fences, or stepped on by cattle while herding. It started as a health and safety issue.  Dogs who’s ears are taped up (i.e. dobermans, Corgis, etc.) are done so because when the ears fold over they are more susceptible to ear infections. And taping does not hurt the animal in any way. One might also say that “fixing” their pet is on the same level. We all know why that is necessary and why it’s acceptable.

Granted, if you own a dog in the city you likely don’t need to have his tail bobbed, but it doesn’t cause any long term issues for the animal.  Now, things that are “purely” for aesthetic purposes and actually cause harm to the animal are another story. Especially when talking about piercing cats!! Cats do a crap ton of climbing, running, squeezing through tight spaces, etc. I’ve had cats growing up that had their collars caught on branches or fences and thus slipped out of them. Imagine one of these cats getting a piercing caught on a fence or branch. Imagine getting it caught while running from a dog or another cat. There’s no slipping out. Simply tearing it from their skin.

Now, is this as bad as the person who leaves their animals in a vacant house after the move out, or out in -30 degree weather?  I don’t think so.  But it’s certainly cruel.  There’s no reason for it.  It’s stupid, and anyone who bought one needs a swift slap to the face as well.

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