Boy In Trouble for Bringing 2-Inch Toy Gun to School  (Courtesy of

No, not a typo.  A young boy (9) and his friend were playing with lego figures during lunch when one of them pulls out the small gun that came with his Police Officer lego figure.  He is promptly pulled out of his seat by the principal and nearly suspended.  After a meeting between the parents and the Principal, we’ll call her Miss Overreaction, the boy was spared any punishment and simply asked not to bring the toy back.  Incidentally, his friend had a toy axe to go with his figure but apparently that was as threatening.

People, I realize that we are in a scary time when kids are bringing guns and drugs into our schools.  But seriously, a 2-inch gun in the hands of a lego figure!?  REALLY!?  I simply can’t fathom what the hell Miss Overreaction was thinking.  All this brain trust had to do was ask the kids to put the toys away, or at least the weapons.  The mom was absolutely right.  This was a common-sense issue.  There’s no reason this needed to be blown out of proportion.

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