• Half Assed Scrape –  I hate scraping my windows as much as anybody.  But a 4″ by 4″ square in your windshield does not constitute proper window scraping.  Same thing goes for any other windows.  Scrape off enough so that you can see me in front of you or to the side of you so you can see me screaming when you run into me because your a moron.
  • Invincible 4×4 – Guess what?!  Four Wheel Drive doesn’t help much on ice.  Granted, it helps in snow but four wheels or two….you’re going to go sliding on a sheet of ice.  Stop driving like a jackass and get off my ass.  I’m in the slow lane already so you can go kill yourself in the fast lane.
  • OverCautious-Kill – I’m all for being careful when it’s crappy out but if you have to drive 15 MPH on the interstate when it’s raining then you should take the next exit and head for home.  If you’re that uncomfortable driving on the roads when weather is bad then stay home and for GOD’S SAKE don’t get on the interstate.  You become a traffic hazard when you drive that slow, and I become one while I write down your licesene plate for future retribution.
  • Can’t See, Coming Anyways – Great.  You can’t see out your windows cause your too lazy to clean them off or your peice of crap car doesn’t have a defroster.  But that doesn’t mean that all rules of the road go out the window.  Since you can’t see out your side windows that doesn’t mean you can just change lanes whenever you feel like it.  Just cause you only scraped off 1% of your windshield doesn’t mean you can pull out in traffic with your eyes closed and hope I stop for you.  Don’t half ass laziness.  If you don’t want to clear your windows all the way just stay home and don’t clear them at all!
  • Can’t move…More Gas!!  – Even though you’ve been sitting there spinning your tires at 50 MPH for the last 10 minutes already I guess I don’t need to tell you that giving it more gas isn’t going to help.  Uh, well, I guess I was wrong.  Surprise!  Your stupid.

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