Leave it to the Japanese to come up with the craziest shit you’ve ever seen.  I guess “shit” isn’t quite the right word.  Introducing the Toylet video game system, created by Sega.  If you haven’t already figured it out from the clever naming of the device, this system is hooked up to a urinal and played using your urine.  That’s right, your urine.  By aiming your, uh, “stream” at a sensor on the inside of the urinal you control what happens in the game.  The demo shows a scene where you progressively blow up a female news anchor’s dress.  There’s no real details beyond that as to how the game is actually played (does aim count?  Stream strength?).

Honestly, I debated on if this actually fits on this site.  It’s either really stupid, or totally awesome.  Currently, it’s only available in Japan and with all the conservative, PC crybabies in this country, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see it stateside.  The link below actually shows a demo of the game mentioned above….without actual drunk, peeing bar patron of course.

SEGA’s new Toylet video game system – Yahoo! News

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