There are certainly all kinds of ways to inspire kids to learn and a plethora of options for those that aren’t paying attention or otherwise following the rules.  However, pulling a gun on them probably isn’t in the top 25 for either of those.  Regardless, that’s exactly what Manuael Dillow, a Virginia teacher, decided to do during one of his classes.  Manuael, for no apparent reason, gathered up the kids and lined them up during class.  At which point he pulled the handgun from his waistband and fired somewhere between 4 to 10 blanks in the direction of the kids.  Naturally, they were all freaked out.  Granted, the gun was only a “blank firing handgun” like what you’d find at a track meet, but the students didn’t know that at the time.

It’s not exactly clear what this 60-year-old teacher’s motive was yet, but I can’t wait to hear what it is.  I’m sure the reason why it hasn’t been released means it’s very logical.  I can’t even begin to fathom what would convince someone this was a good idea with all the recent school shootings over the past months.

Virginia teacher arrested for firing blanks at students during class – Source: Yahoo! News

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