Every time a new reality TV show is created I die a little bit more inside.  It’s a wonder I am still able to function, since that seems to be about the only thing that the TV studios can pump out anymore.  I can understand American Idol….I don’t watch it, but I understand it.  Singers are out there that need that first break to get a recording contract.  Swell.  But a cappella?  Is there really a big calling for that somewhere?  Are there loads of record labels out there looking for the next big a cappella group?  I just don’t get it. Is there even a section for that in the stores somewhere?  And who really gives a crap?

Seriously, reality TV has gotten out of control.  It even has it’s own dedicatied cable channel.  I blame MTV.  It all started with the Real World….which I admit, I was sucked into.  But after the first season it was all down hill.  Survivor, The Next Top Model, The Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor, Who Wants to Marry My Midget Dad, the countless celebrity “this is my life” shows, Jon and Kate, and on and on and on.  I realize that Hollywood is out of ideas and making a reality TV show is cheap….but is there nothing else?

I guess at least half of the blame falls on the public.  I can’t go a day without overhearing someone talking about who got voted off what and events on such-and-such reality show.  Maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t give a s**t about who wins any dance competition, who can sing, and what the hell Jon and Kate had for dinner.  I’m too busy worrying about what’s going on in my life to be caught up in someone else’s.  I watch TV to escape from my life for a little while….not get all worked up over someone else’s problems that don’t effect me in any way.

The whole Jon and Kate thing really pissed me off.  How can anyone think that putting a couple on TV with 8+ kids was a good idea.  Does anyone not think those kids are now worse off for having gone through this debacle?  Especially having to watch their parents be torn apart on national TV and every news website for weeks.  But hey….they got ratings.  And that’s what really counts, right?

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