When they started with these advanced ads they were’t “too” bad.  Some fancy grafics down in one corner.  Sure, it was a little big, but I could still see most of the screen.  God forbid if the show I am watching happens to have subtitles…I miss half of the conversation now along with half the screen.  Sometimes they squish the screen downbut that’s rare and it isn’t much better anyways….it feels like a forced Picture-in-Picture.  But now it’s half the screen, sometimes clips from the show, images of the actors laughing and hugging each other, or just standing there all menecing.  All the while I miss some jackass getting tasered on COPS.  Sure I can still see most of it…but what’s the point if I don’t get to see the guy shimmy and piss himself?

Now there are even ads that have their own little sound effects.  It’s not enough to suck up half the screen but you need to start taking over the soundtrack, too?  Why the hell am I hearing swooshing sounds music during Gladiator?  Oh wait, it’s an ad for The Closer.  WTF?

They’ve even started showing ads for products now.  It’s not enough that my show has to be broken up and interupted for actual commercials.  Now we also have to have ads within the shows.  Enough is enough.

First thing is first, no ads for products.  That’s what commercials are for.  Second, cut the sound track to these things.  They may seem like little noises to get our attention but it disrupts the current show.  And third, STOP USING HALF THE SCREEN!  We get just as much information from just a bar at the bottom of the screen.  It doesn’t make things more impressive, only more annoying.  It makes me want to avoid the chanel and just watch it later on Hulu.

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