83yr Old Runs Into Glass Door, Sues Apple | Trending Now – Yahoo! News.

Now, I hate Apple as much as the next person, but that doesn’t excuse extreme stupidity.  Once again, we have some nitwit doing something stupid and trying to cash in on it.

(Note: This story follows the gigantic wasp discovery story.  That’s not stupid, just scary as hell!!!)

An 83-year-old New York woman accidentally walked into one of the glass doors of the Long Island Apple Store and broke her nose.  Her lawyer stated “the store’s high-tech modern architecture poses a danger to some people.”  Yes…stupid people.  And with luck, that clever trap will remove some of them from this planet.

Alas, the lady is suing Apple for medical bills and negligence.  Whatever happened to just being stupid, or klutzy, or just not paying attention.  Did the lady not see all the other people walking in and out of the store?  Did she think the place simply didn’t have any doors or walls at all?!  I just don’t understand.

Unfortunately, in this country, this is something that will probably go to court and she may actually win.

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