The impact of rising gas prices isn’t as bad as you think – Mar. 21, 2012. – Source CNN Money

I’d like to start of this article by saying something to the writers and people interview within the article:


In case you haven’t read the article yet, which you may want to grab something to throw up in first, they basically talk about how gas prices really aren’t that bad.  They talk about how it really doesn’t affect the typical American all that much.  Retail Spending is up, all is well!!  ALL IS WELL!!!

Again I say, “FUCK YOU!”  I wonder if retail spending is up because the price of damn near everything has also skyrocketed along with the price of gas?  I kind of need to buy food for my family, regardless of the fact that milk, bread, and baby formula have all increased in price.

Of all the stupid shit said in this article, this pissed me off the most:

“There’s certainly discontent, but I’m not convinced there is real rage,” said Rao.

After all, most analysts agree: The basic reason why prices have moved higher over the last few years is that the world is using ever more of this product and we have to go to greater lengths to find new supplies.

That’s expensive. And dangerous — people actually die in this quest to find new supplies. Many Americans may have at least a vague understanding of that.

“But everybody is telling them they should be mad, so they say ‘OK,'” said Rao.

Bullshit!  That’s not why prices are going up.  It’s the horrible human beings known as “Speculators” who raise prices based on what they assume is going to happen.  Someone in Iran sneezes and everyone panics and decides gas needs to spike by 50 billion dollars.  People aren’t getting mad because someone in the media tells them too.  They’re getting mad because everything costs so fucking much now….and for no good reason.

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