Apparently, Mother-of-Six Dawn, went for her 20 week scan and was required to use a more powerful scanner to examine the fetus.  The father-to-be of this poor child, who will undoubtably receive countless beatings at school, recalled “We were looking at the pictures again, and I just saw Jacko there with his sunglasses on, and his hair.”

Uh, his glasses……and hair.  Apparently the glasses were needed due to the unusually bright placenta?  Hopefully the hair was not also on fire at the time.

Despite the entire family clearly seeing the resembalance they will not be naming the child Michael…..because it’s a girl.  WTH?!

The final and most puzzling quote from this family was from the mother regarding this seventh child and unusual scan, “But it is my seventh child, and seven is a mythical number.”  Wait….what?  Seven is a mythical number?  When did this happen?

Put aside the fact that I can never make heads or tails of these scans anyways, it looks more like an alien baby to me.  Which, now that I think about it….does remind me a bit of Jacko.  In any case, either these people are crazy or Jackson is taking Pedophila to a new level.


Too soon?  Frown

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