Ind. basketball dad knocks coach unconscious because he forced daughter to run laps | Prep Rally – Yahoo! Sports.

Remember the days when, if you actually did something wrong, you understood there were consequences and that you had to sometimes pay the price for your actions.  I miss those days.

An Indiana girl was caught arguing with a teammate during practice and was *gasp* forced to run a few laps as punishment by the assistant coach.  Apparently, this was unacceptable to her father.  Naturally, his first reaction was to go and have a conversation with the coach and….what?  He didn’t?  He decided to knock the coach out instead?

That’s right.  Let’s put aside the fact that this is a traditional and pretty harmless form of punishment for kids during practice.  When Mr. Miller picked up his daughter and heard about the laps he immediately attacked the coach, punching him in the face.  The coach went down with the first punch, but that wasn’t enough for Miller.  He jumped on top of him and proceeded to punch the coach until he was unconscious.  Stopping only when the Head Coach managed to pull him off.  But wait…It gets better!!!

Miller was arrested on a Class C felony battery charge (thankfully) and kicked the entire family out of the school.  What’s really great, is that the people who accompanied Miller to his arraignment had this jewel of knowledge to share:

“If the coach is $#%@& with your kid, what are you to do? You can’t talk to him.”


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