To quote from the article, the guy, believed to be Lithuanian, caught the dog after it allegedly attacked some of his mother’s chickens and decide to enact his own brand of revenge.  Joking to the camera about proof that “dogs can fly,” he takes one more check on the traffic and tosses the dog over the edge.  The dog miraculously survives the fall but can be heard crying in pain between the sound of passing cars.

I simply can’t fathom how someone develops something like this in their derranged mind and thinks it sounds like a grand ol’ time.  To the extent that they even need to film it and spread it around for everyone to witness his “brilliance.”  Even worse, there was at least one other moron along for the ride.  These are the kinds of things we find out about later after someone goes on a killing spree.  “He was such a good kid except for the dogs he loved to throw over bridges.”  It’s a warning sign people.  Sure, it’s not a human but I’d wager we’ll be hearing about him graduating to that level at some point in the future.  Hopefully not.  Maybe he learned his lesson, but my faith in these types of people is pretty low.

Luckily, the dog did survive and did receive treatment.  All indications are he’ll make a full recover.  The jackass who threw the dog over was actually tracked down via the web and all the other outraged smart people and actually arrested.  Shockingly, he was already being sought by police for a robbery that had been committed earlier.  He now faces charges of animal cruelty and a possible 1 year in jail.  I figure we could just give him a nice push off the same bridge.  If he survives, we can send a pack of dogs down to rescue him and see how well that works.  Hopefully it doesn’t.

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