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The impact of rising gas prices isn’t as bad as you think – Mar. 21, 2012. – Source CNN Money

I’d like to start of this article by saying something to the writers and people interview within the article:


In case you haven’t read the article yet, which you may want to grab something to throw up in first, they basically talk about how gas prices really aren’t that bad.  They talk about how it really doesn’t affect the typical American all that much.  Retail Spending is up, all is well!!  ALL IS WELL!!!

Again I say, “FUCK YOU!”  I wonder if retail spending is up because the price of damn near everything has also skyrocketed along with the price of gas?  I kind of need to buy food for my family, regardless of the fact that milk, bread, and baby formula have all increased in price.

Of all the stupid shit said in this article, this pissed me off the most:

“There’s certainly discontent, but I’m not convinced there is real rage,” said Rao.

After all, most analysts agree: The basic reason why prices have moved higher over the last few years is that the world is using ever more of this product and we have to go to greater lengths to find new supplies.

That’s expensive. And dangerous — people actually die in this quest to find new supplies. Many Americans may have at least a vague understanding of that.

“But everybody is telling them they should be mad, so they say ‘OK,'” said Rao.

Bullshit!  That’s not why prices are going up.  It’s the horrible human beings known as “Speculators” who raise prices based on what they assume is going to happen.  Someone in Iran sneezes and everyone panics and decides gas needs to spike by 50 billion dollars.  People aren’t getting mad because someone in the media tells them too.  They’re getting mad because everything costs so fucking much now….and for no good reason.

Garbage Truck Compresses Load With Homeless Man Inside – Sacramento News Story – KCRA Sacramento.

Not much to the story really, but it gave me a small chuckle.  What made me need to post about this was the following statement:

“The driver of the truck started to compress the load when he heard screaming and stopped.”

He then called the Fire Department.  Uh….Wouldn’t it have been a good idea to also reverse the compress and let the guy out?  It would seem the guy was squashed in the back of the trash truck until the FD showed up to release him.  I guess he wasn’t too worried.

Rare bunny crushed to death by cameraman at German zoo | Reuters.

If you happen to be having a bad day, this will probably cheer you up….or at least make you glad this wasn’t you.  A German cameraman was in attendance to film a soon-to-be-famous baby rabbit born without ears.  Not realizing the bunny had slipped behind him, the cameraman took a few steps backwards and trampled the tiny bunny.  Nice move, Slick!

Apparently, this is somewhat common for German news people.  In 2005, a soon-to-be-famous squirrel was also accidentally trampled on by a German reporter.  Perhaps letting these people stomp around inside the tiny, fragile animal’s cage isn’t the best idea??

Platinum Dunes’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Feature Alien Origin | Superhero Hype.

I’ll admit, I’m a big kid.  I grew up on great shows: Transformers, G.I. Joe, Buggs Bunny, and of course, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Please note that the name includes the word MUTANT.  In yet another reboot of this movie series, Michael Bay has announced that he is not going with the original origin for the Turtles: the mutagenic Ooze that mutates them into half-turtle, half-human ass kickers.  (Notice how many times I used a form of the word MUTANT?)  No, instead, he’s going with an alien origin………

Why, I ask you….why!?!?  They are Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles.  Not Teenage ALIEN Ninja Turtles.  What’s the point?  Of all the things to change, why change something that’s in the fucking title!?!?  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cry in the dark clutching my Donatello action figure.

Ind. basketball dad knocks coach unconscious because he forced daughter to run laps | Prep Rally – Yahoo! Sports.

Remember the days when, if you actually did something wrong, you understood there were consequences and that you had to sometimes pay the price for your actions.  I miss those days.

An Indiana girl was caught arguing with a teammate during practice and was *gasp* forced to run a few laps as punishment by the assistant coach.  Apparently, this was unacceptable to her father.  Naturally, his first reaction was to go and have a conversation with the coach and….what?  He didn’t?  He decided to knock the coach out instead?

That’s right.  Let’s put aside the fact that this is a traditional and pretty harmless form of punishment for kids during practice.  When Mr. Miller picked up his daughter and heard about the laps he immediately attacked the coach, punching him in the face.  The coach went down with the first punch, but that wasn’t enough for Miller.  He jumped on top of him and proceeded to punch the coach until he was unconscious.  Stopping only when the Head Coach managed to pull him off.  But wait…It gets better!!!

Miller was arrested on a Class C felony battery charge (thankfully) and kicked the entire family out of the school.  What’s really great, is that the people who accompanied Miller to his arraignment had this jewel of knowledge to share:

“If the coach is $#%@& with your kid, what are you to do? You can’t talk to him.”


PIC: See Rihanna’s New Cross Tattoo – Yahoo! Music.

In a new segment we’re going to try out called Slow News Day, I give you our first contestant.  Who gets paid to write articles like this?  Who  the frakk cares?  Why is it one of the top stories on Yahoo’s front page?  My I.Q. dropped just reading the title.  Someone please make it stop!

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