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German Man Marries his Cat  (Courtesy

What the hell is with all these strange weddings recently?  Marrying cats, pillows, video games.  I wonder what the divorce rate is for some of these weddings.  Does a man have to get divorced from his video game girlfriend when a new version of the game comes out?  Can he be married to more than one at a time?  Is that still considered polygamy??   Anywho….Man marries cat.  Apparently Cecillia was recently diagnosed as “ill with not much longer to live.”  So Uwe Mitzscherlich (whew…that was a chore to type) did what any other sensible pet owner would do….proposed marriage.  Wait….

Stunned officials refused to carry out the ceremony with the cat, but apparently thought it was OK if the cat had a stand in human actress.  WTF?  I just don’t get it.  What exactly is the point?  The cat has no idea what the hell is going on, and now it also has an incredibly difficult last name to spell.  You think it’s hard for you to spell…try being a cat!!

People still believe the Earth is flat…..Seriously.  Wander on over to and have a look at these guys.  I’ve seen these guys off and on for the past couple years and am simply amazed at how many people actually believe this stuff.  No, it’s not a joke.  It’s completely serious.  Jump into their forums and read about the many “theories” they have on how our planet is flat, how it’s been kept secret, and why.  At the very least it’ll be a good laugh as they are consistently mocked, both by dimwits and actual smart people.  Marvel at the belief that all of the worlds governments are in on the conspiracy to hide this from the general public!  Scratch your head at the thought that Antarctica is actually a 500 ft ice wall that surrounds the “Earth” and prevents the oceans from spilling out into space!  Bang your head on the wall till it bleeds reading how gravity doesn’t exist.  When you fall, it’s really the Earth accelerating towards YOU…not the other way around!  WTF!?  There are no satellites, no real Moon.  Take comfort in the smart people that stump the “Flat Earthers” on a daily basis with *gasp* logic!!!!

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