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I have to take a minute here and do some tension breathing or something to relax.  This kind of shit really hurts my head.  The Dictionary?!?!  Really??  Have we become such a over-sensitive society that we can’t even have the word “sex” or “oral” in the dictionary!?  Do we really feel the need to shelter our children or “other people’s children” from this stuff?  I guess it’s better to shield them forever only to throw them to the wolves later in life with absolutely no clue what anything in the real world is like.  Yes, that sounds like a successful plan.

I simply can’t wrap my head around this. God knows I was not the most pure child growing up.  I can easily remember looking up “naughty” words in the dictionary and giggling.  It’s part of growing up.  If it was something I was completely confused about I asked Mom or Dad.  Of course, that often made for some usually uncomfortable but always comical discussions, but so what?  I’m pretty damn sure that every one of us has done it at one point or another….or worse (*GASP* Dad’s Playboys!!!).  And yet, I’m not a sociopath.  Why?  Because my parents talked to me.  It seems parents these days are so terrified of their children reading/watching/hearing something they aren’t supposed to, but at the same time want someone else to just make that influence disappear.  God forbid you actually talk to your child and explain what is appropriate and what isn’t.

And so continues the PC Pussification of America and the decline of our school system.  We’re so damn worried about hurting everyone’s feelings, getting creationism in science class, or banning all the words/books that all of us grew up on.  I still haven’t gotten over the fact that Huckleberry Finn and Catcher in the Rye are banned.  *sigh*  At what point does this end? What other books mention sex? What textbooks mention sex? What about the Thesaurus?  Why does one mother get to decide what is appropriate for every other child?

Really, I put animal cruelty up there with pedophiles.  Both children and household pets are basically at the mercy of their adult guardians.  I simply can’t fathom how someone can put the time into having a pet and then just toss them to the wolves like this.  I’ve had pets my entire life growing up….cats and dogs.  Despite my angry man outlook, this stuff breaks my heart.  I can only imagine what these animals must be trying to process in their heads.  Having a seemingly unfailing loyalty to their owners (you can beat a dog and they can turn around and walk back to you still looking for affection) I’m sure they are still thinking their master will be out to get them soon.  Who knows the level of thought they have.  And perhaps I’m endowing them with too human a level of consciousness.  All I know is that when I read something like this all I can think about is if it was one of my dogs or cats.  Knowing how happy they are when I come home, when we play, or just relax for a good petting session, I have to believe they feel something.  They depend completely on us to provide for them, and I’d have an enormous amount of guilt for not taking care of them.

Pitbull, poodle, cat, hamster….no animal deserves something like this.  I’m glad the owners haven’t shown up to claim him as he certainly deserves a better home, but I hope that they are found and prosecuted.

If you are in the Omaha area the Nebraska Humane Society is running low on blankets.  If you happen to have any spare blankets, dog beds, rugs (without rubber backing) please consider donating them.

  Normally I’d say this Dad rocked, but then he had to actually stand out on the balcony and “check in on occasion” to make sure the deed was getting done.  He actually wanted to see a used condom as proof.  Ew.  When the man and son returned his Mom questioned him as to where his Dad took him.  He didn’t answer and simply started crying, eventually telling his mother.  The man is being charged with the rape of his son.

Now most guys I know would totally have been on board with Dad getting a hooker for him, though none would have been too keen on the “watching” part.  In any case, this kid wasn’t too excited about the whole deal….what with the crying and all.  It’s possible the hooker was “really” ugly, or the kid was just genuinely creeped out by the whole ordeal. Whatever the reason, I think there’s a good chance that if he wasn’t already gay, he probably is now.

McNuggets Rage

On January 1st some dumbass, we’ll call her Melodi Dushane, was so pissed off at McDonalds because they didn’t have any McNuggets that she punched the drive thru attendant and then put her fist through the drive thru window.  I’ve heard that some drugs can prevent pain and allow you to punch through windows.  From her mugshot I think we can assume drugs might have played a part…..just an assumption.  Way to start off the New Year in spectacular fashion, Melodi!!  The courts have ordered her to stay away from the fast food chain until the case is concluded.  Dear God!!  If that’s what happened when they took away her McNuggets then what the hell is she going to do without her fries!!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, apparently this wasn’t the first time something like this has happened….and it wasn’t the same girl! In March, a nutjob Florida lady was arrested after she called 911 three times to complain that a McDonald’s was out of McNuggets. “This is an emergency. If I would have known they didn’t have McNuggets, I wouldn’t have given my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don’t want one,” Latreasa Goodman told a police operator.  Called 911…..Seriously?  THREE TIMES!?  I weep for humanity.

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