It’s not like any of the other Best Buy commercials were that much better.  The stadium full of employees talking to the customer in the middle of the field was stupid, but it didn’t really bother me one way or another.  These new commercials make me want to find a large truck and run it full force into the crowd of carolers.  I can’t even remember what the hell they were suggesting to people.  All I can remember is my vision tinting all red and various methods to shut them up running through my mind.  I’m now afraid to go to Best Buy, concerned that these lunatics may be waiting for me within the store.

I can only assume that it has something to do with the Christmas season that has people thinking “Lets sing and dance!!!”  Not long after the Best Buy ad started airing we also got the gem from GAP with all the yuppie’s singing and dancing around in their fancy clothes.  I should have known.  Any company related to Old Navy would pull something like this.  It was, in fact, Old Navy that was my first truly hated series of commercials.  Between that obnoxious old lady with massive black rimmed glasses and her dog Magic to the random ninja singers (again during christmas) I was ready to start mixing Molotove Cocktails.  This recent GAP commercial is filled with overly cheery, yuppy idiots singing and jumping around, riding on each others backs kicking legs, and jumping through the air grunting.  I noticed that all the while they looked like they are in some kind of enclosed area….a room or barn or something.  I think it would be interesting to set a few big cats, Tigers or Lions, into that room with them and see if they can dance around their swinging claws.  Yes, that would be very satisfying.  Again, I can’t picture a damn thing they were advertising in the commerical.  All I remember is I wanted the commercial to stop as soon as possible.

As far as I am concerned, the knob advertisers who approved these commercials need to slapped….hard.