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 Apparently, Mother-of-Six Dawn, went for her 20 week scan and was required to use a more powerful scanner to examine the fetus.  The father-to-be of this poor child, who will undoubtably receive countless beatings at school, recalled “We were looking at the pictures again, and I just saw Jacko there with his sunglasses on, and his hair.”

Uh, his glasses……and hair.  Apparently the glasses were needed due to the unusually bright placenta?  Hopefully the hair was not also on fire at the time.

Despite the entire family clearly seeing the resembalance they will not be naming the child Michael…..because it’s a girl.  WTH?!

The final and most puzzling quote from this family was from the mother regarding this seventh child and unusual scan, “But it is my seventh child, and seven is a mythical number.”  Wait….what?  Seven is a mythical number?  When did this happen?

Put aside the fact that I can never make heads or tails of these scans anyways, it looks more like an alien baby to me.  Which, now that I think about it….does remind me a bit of Jacko.  In any case, either these people are crazy or Jackson is taking Pedophila to a new level.


Too soon?  Frown

  1. Z-92 – Todd and Tyler Radio Empire – I used to like Todd & Tyler, so I can’t really put my finger on it, but I can’t stand to listen to them anymore.  Maybe I grew out of them.  I have a big problem with arrogant people, so I think that’s probably the biggest reason.  They’ve graduated to having an “Empire,” (if a little bit of synidcation consists of an Empire) and their ego’s seem to have grown along with it.  I simply got tired of all the posturing, arrogance, and the same jokes and rutines over and over and over.  Just a couple of dirty-minded 50 year olds trying to act like teenage stoners.  It got old.  Add that to the little to no actual music, and that’s about all she wrote.
  2. The River – Spaghetti or whatever his name is – I can rarely stay on this station during the morning without my head starting to crack open in various places.  These jokers are probably the complete polar opposite of TnT.  A couple of college dipshits trying to act like they know anything besides crappy college rock.  Rarely funny, always worthless, sprinkled with some sports updates about a college nobody give a crap about.  Honestly, I haven’t even tuned in to this channel in the morning for a long time….so as far as I know Spaghetti isn’t even on any more.  I would have thought he graduated by now.
  3. CD 105.9 – Steve King and the Most Music Morning Show – Of all the morning shows this one is probably the most tolerable.  I actually don’t have much of a problem with either of the hosts and they do play the most music.  So this is, not surprisingly, where I spend most of my morning.  Their only downside is the occasional guest they have on that tends to take up the entire show.  Seriously, I don’t care that Kansas is touring with symphonies or the latest comedian to come in to town.  And I certainly don’t care to listen to him talk for 30 minutes.
  4. The Brew – Ethan & Michelle – *sigh*  I was actually a little excited when I found out that someone new was taking over with Michelle instead of that nutjob Mookie (sp?).  Dear God that was horrible.  Unfortunately, Ethan isn’t any better.  Between the stupidest topics of conversations and his laugh that sounds like he’s either choking or snoring….I just can’t take it.  Seriously, stop laughing like Ernie from Seasame Street.  It’s annoying.  The first time I wanted to reach through and slap this team was listening to them talk about how they can’t understand why someone hooked on drugs wouldn’t want to go to a rehab clinic.  Taking notes from the show “Intervention,” they always showed some clinic in CA or near a beach somewhere and they couldn’t understand why said addict wouldn’t want to go there for 90 days for free!  Obviously ignorant to what actually happens in a rehab clinic and how said addict doesn’t get to just lay around and tan.  Stupidity is only funny for so long, then it’s just annoying.
  5. None of the others are really worth mentioning as I either haven’t tuned in for a long time or they aren’t my style of music.

And of course, it figures, the only morning show I really liked recently (Tim and The Animal) on 104.1 the Blaze, doesn’t have a strong enough signal to get to Omaha.  Yell  The Animal had a mantra that I latched on to….”Equal Opportunity Hater.”  Ok….rant over…..for now.

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