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The children said they had not eaten for two days during daddy’s brilliant weekend plan.  There was also a mass of open beer bottles throughout the vehicle when the children were discovered.  So it’s also likely these morons were drinking and driving throughout the weekend…which isn’t surprising.  Every day it seems I’m presented with another jackass who simply shouldn’t be a parent and time spent brainstorming on a way to license being a parent.  Labo actually picked the children up earlier in the week for his scheduled custody visit.  That would mean at some point he had to have actually fought for partial custody of the children.  Why?  What’s the point of even trying now?  Having no dad in the picture is better than having this dad.


Man Puts Son Up For Sale On Craigslist  (Courtesy

If there was a viable way to license people to become parents, I’d vote for it…twice!  This guy is an example of why.  Putting your son up for sale on is bad enough.  But then indicating that when he screams and fusses too much you throw him in a closet till he calms down highlights just how many cans short this guy is of a six pack.  Police are still trying to track down the author of the post.  One can only hope it was a joke.

WTF There are so many things wrong here I’m not sure where to start.  At one point a bar banned strollers inside the bar because they had been ticketed by the fire department because strollers were blocking exits.  Local parents got in an uproar and the bar relented and got rid of the policy.  Seriously?  WTF?  Why in the hell are you bringing your child, let alone stroller laden baby, into a bar in the first place!?!?  It’s a bar….21 and over (usually).  You can’t go into a place like that and then ask people to “tone it down” because your kid is there.  If you choose to bring your child to a place like that then you’re responsible for putting them in harms way of the typical behavior of said establishment.  Deal with it, or better yet, don’t bring your kid there in the first place.

One blog on the subject recalls a drunk father drinking at a bar while unintentionally spilling some of his beer on his stroller-strapped kid’s face.   Nice!  Yes, having your child in the bar sounds like a great idea, asshat.

Parents proclaim that it’s within their right to grab a quick drink with friends as long as their kids behave and are responsible with them.  Apparently the cost of baby sitters are too high and living in “tight quarters while hosting guests” creates a need for a place to hang out and relax themselves.  Gross, a 35-year-old freelance writer and blogger said “As a stay-at-home dad, it can be kind of isolating.  Bars, as much as they’re places to drink, they’re places to socialize and meet people.  I long for adult contact. …  I don’t want to be excluded from the adult world.”  Boo Hoo Mr. Gross.  I can understand the need to social or to have a place to unwind, but there are plenty of other choices.  You’re simply being a douchebag by going to a bar and then complaining that people are being too rowdy for your kids.  If you don’t like it, don’t bring your kids.  If your baby sitters are charging too much then find another one.  Don’t like being isolated as a stay at home dad?  Tough.  Get another job.  Hell, I’d love to be a stay at home dad!!  Stop your complaining, jerkface!

This entire argument is stupid.  And much like all the stupid problems of the world, it once again comes down to people feeling they are entitled to something they are not, and want other people to bend to their needs while selfishly ignoring other people’s needs/rights.   I have no doubt this will, at some point, become yet another waste-of-time-and-money-court-case.  Holy Zombie Jesus people, stuff like this shouldn’t even be an issue.

The Police found his daughter hiding in the closet with bruises on her back and scratches on her neck and shoulders.  All of which were blamed on her “squirming and trying to get away from him.”  I guess it had nothing to do with the fact that he was forcing her face into a bowl of hot water until she promised to recite the alphabet correctly.   During Police interrogation Tabor (seemingly) proudly admitted that she did recite her letters after the torture session ended.  Nice job there, dipshit.

There are so many things wrong here that I’m not really sure where to start.  Fortunately, all the things wrong are pretty much confined to Josh himself.  Though his girlfriend certainly wasn’t much help either considering she did nothing to stop the abuse or report it after the fact.  Running around the neighborhood in his helmet threatening to break out windows is an obvious sign that someone isn’t playing with a full deck.  Of course using a torture method that has drawn much fire recently to discipline a 4 year old takes stupid to a whole new level.  Now I’m not against a little physical abuse, God knows I had my share of spankings or smacks upside the back of my head growing up.  They certainly weren’t very harmful, and rarely worked as a direct deterrent, but it certainly taught me that my actions have consequences.

I’m not really sure what else one can say except this guy is a douche, his girlfriend isn’t much better, and thankfully that girl is out of that house now.

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