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College Billboard Has Embarrassing Spelling Error  (Courtesy

The South Florida Career College debuted a new billboard advertising their school and urging people to go back to school.  Unfortunately, this may be a school to avoid if grammar and spelling is important.  The billboard was supposed to read “It’s never too late to start your career.”  Instead, it read “It’s never too late to start you career.”  Minor error in most respects, but for a school billboard it’s automatic internet fodder.  I fully expect to see multiple “FAIL” pics using this billboard on forums soon.  There’s no indication as to who actually made the mistake: the school, the designers, or the person who installed the sign.  Regardless, it’s hilarious.

I have to quote some of this information because it’s just that insane.


School officials stated “she wrote it down on a witness statement and she had told the truth, he said she was very, very honest and he said he was sorry he had to do it but it was school policy.”

According to the school district’s drug policy, just touching a drug is the same as possession.   “The fact of the matter is, there were drugs on school campus and it was handled, so there was a violation of our policy,” said Martin Bell, COO of Greater Clark County Schools.

Again, I understand that this is a “rule,” but at some point you have to step back and ask if the rule is appropriate….or appropriate in this case.  What is this teaching this girl?  That next time she should just lie on the witness statement?  Does that mean if the girl just grabbed a handfull of pills and threw it at a crowd of kids they’d all get suspended?  Why didn’t the administrator who confiscated the drugs get reprimanded for handling the pills?  We have to start using some common sense here people.  We shouldn’t be punishing kids for doing the RIGHT THING!!


School Cancels Prom Because of Lesbian Student Attendance  (Courtesy

Long story short, A school in Jackson, Mississippi has chosen to cancel their prom instead of allow a lesbian couple to attend.  Current school rules require that couples in attendance must be of opposite sex.  I understand that some people are uncomfortable with it, or are scared of it, or think it’s “wrong,” but was this really the right way to handle this?  I’d imagine that just allowing them to come would have been rather uneventful.  Instead, it’s now national news.  It didn’t sound like the student body was all in an uproar about it, of course they are all peeved now that the prom has been canceled.  I realize the “rule” was already established, but isn’t there a point when you have to look at the rule and decide if it’s even appropriate anymore?  At some point there was probably a rule forbidding interracial couples as well.  I just don’t understand who it would have hurt to allow a lesbian couple to attend.  Discuss…..

I have to take a minute here and do some tension breathing or something to relax.  This kind of shit really hurts my head.  The Dictionary?!?!  Really??  Have we become such a over-sensitive society that we can’t even have the word “sex” or “oral” in the dictionary!?  Do we really feel the need to shelter our children or “other people’s children” from this stuff?  I guess it’s better to shield them forever only to throw them to the wolves later in life with absolutely no clue what anything in the real world is like.  Yes, that sounds like a successful plan.

I simply can’t wrap my head around this. God knows I was not the most pure child growing up.  I can easily remember looking up “naughty” words in the dictionary and giggling.  It’s part of growing up.  If it was something I was completely confused about I asked Mom or Dad.  Of course, that often made for some usually uncomfortable but always comical discussions, but so what?  I’m pretty damn sure that every one of us has done it at one point or another….or worse (*GASP* Dad’s Playboys!!!).  And yet, I’m not a sociopath.  Why?  Because my parents talked to me.  It seems parents these days are so terrified of their children reading/watching/hearing something they aren’t supposed to, but at the same time want someone else to just make that influence disappear.  God forbid you actually talk to your child and explain what is appropriate and what isn’t.

And so continues the PC Pussification of America and the decline of our school system.  We’re so damn worried about hurting everyone’s feelings, getting creationism in science class, or banning all the words/books that all of us grew up on.  I still haven’t gotten over the fact that Huckleberry Finn and Catcher in the Rye are banned.  *sigh*  At what point does this end? What other books mention sex? What textbooks mention sex? What about the Thesaurus?  Why does one mother get to decide what is appropriate for every other child?

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