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I’ve recently felt like the United States really had the market on stupid.  Of course, the majority of the news I read is what’s available here in the States, so I don’t get exposed to other countries’ stupid as much.  Thankfully, Sweden and managed to help me feel a little better about that today.  Only briefly, mind you, because shortly after reading the article I got a headache and had to weep for humanity.

Enter Sweden, where a law requiring everyone 15 years old or younger was passed a few years ago.  Naturally, people started discussing the idea that everyone, adults included, should wear helmets while riding their bikes.  In the US, we often struggle against things that seem…you know…smart.  I mean, why would you want to protect your head?  But Sweden managed to one-up us.  They were against this new legislation because it would be a “fashion disaster.”  With that in mind, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin began development on the Hovding.  An inflatable “helmet” that would deploy like an airbag out of a stupid looking collar you would wear around your neck.  Yes….that sounds much better.

“To people like us, who wouldn’t be seen dead in a polystyrene helmet, the thought that we might be forced to wear one by law was cause for concern”


The Hovding (Picture source from

The primary reason for a helmet is to protect your head, your brain, so that you don’t get any stupider.  Obviously, with these people, it’s a little late for that.  As you can see from the picture, that’s certainly much more fashionable.  I’ve always wanted to wear a fanny pack around my neck.  The deployed version sort of looks like an alien face-hugger latched on to the back of your head.  I’m not really sure I’d trust a balloon over a rigid helmet as it’s sliding across the concrete.

I guess I shouldn’t be frustrated by something like this.  It’s just one more way nature can weed out those genes that probably shouldn’t be reproduced.

The Invisible, Inflatable Bike Helmet  (Source:

Study: More female drivers mistakenly hit gas pedal – Yahoo! News.

A recent study proves what most men have known for years already: Women drivers are scary!

The impact of rising gas prices isn’t as bad as you think – Mar. 21, 2012. – Source CNN Money

I’d like to start of this article by saying something to the writers and people interview within the article:


In case you haven’t read the article yet, which you may want to grab something to throw up in first, they basically talk about how gas prices really aren’t that bad.  They talk about how it really doesn’t affect the typical American all that much.  Retail Spending is up, all is well!!  ALL IS WELL!!!

Again I say, “FUCK YOU!”  I wonder if retail spending is up because the price of damn near everything has also skyrocketed along with the price of gas?  I kind of need to buy food for my family, regardless of the fact that milk, bread, and baby formula have all increased in price.

Of all the stupid shit said in this article, this pissed me off the most:

“There’s certainly discontent, but I’m not convinced there is real rage,” said Rao.

After all, most analysts agree: The basic reason why prices have moved higher over the last few years is that the world is using ever more of this product and we have to go to greater lengths to find new supplies.

That’s expensive. And dangerous — people actually die in this quest to find new supplies. Many Americans may have at least a vague understanding of that.

“But everybody is telling them they should be mad, so they say ‘OK,'” said Rao.

Bullshit!  That’s not why prices are going up.  It’s the horrible human beings known as “Speculators” who raise prices based on what they assume is going to happen.  Someone in Iran sneezes and everyone panics and decides gas needs to spike by 50 billion dollars.  People aren’t getting mad because someone in the media tells them too.  They’re getting mad because everything costs so fucking much now….and for no good reason.

Woman Causes Accident While Shaving Bikini Area  (Courtesy

What more can really be said.  How about this: Megan Mariah Barnes was on her way to meet her boyfriend and wanted to be properly groomed.  So her Ex-Husband took the wheel while she shaved her area down below.  So many questions.  Why didn’t she just do this at home?  At what point does shaving with a RAZOR…near the genitals…while DRIVING….sound like a good idea???  Why the hell was her Ex-Husband driving with her to her boyfriends?  And most importantly, if they had to put a picture up why couldn’t they at least have lied and used some stock picture of someone who looked good?  Because now I have to go bleach my brain to get that image out.

One thing might explain part of this.  Megan was convicted of DUI and driving without a license the day before.  Yes, the day before.   Maybe it’s just me but perhaps drunk driving laws are bit too lenient.  In any case, there’s no doubt this lady, and her Ex-husband, are complete morons.

Good God, what the hell was that?  Who sits around a table and thinks this stuff up?  Worse yet, who sits around a table and agrees this is a good idea?  It’s not enough that you have four morons dancing around making unusual gestures but we also have to endure the horrible folky music to go along with it.  I guess it was necessary to try and distract from the lack of applause or audience interest.  I can only assume that all four people ran off stage afterwards and cried together asking God what they did to deserve such punishment.  The Volt is actually a rather cool looking car.  Why they decided to try and grab attention with such a fluffy, Seasame Street sounding song is beyond me.

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